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Come With Me, And You’ll Be,
In A World Of Pure Imagination.
Take A Look And You’ll See
Into Your Imagination.


100% unieke hand gehaakte knuffels, geschikt voor elk kind

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zoek je een knuffelbeest of een babyknuffel , of zelfs een knuffel die op iemand "lijkt".
De Knuffel Compagnie heeft ze.


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Sander 2021

I had the choice to get a cheap plush on AliExpress or dig a little deeper in my wallet to get my own handmade, super cute, good quality Mario plush! I’m so glad I got this one. The crocheted pattern makes it look really cute, and I’m really satisfied with the firmness of it, so it can stand upright. I love it, thanks @Knufflecompagnie!


sofiemarlene 2021

Beautifully made an fast shipping eventhough we’re in a pandemic. Love it


Alex 2019


Thanks knufflecompagnie for the amazing dolls and the beautiful note. I will upload a photo when a few weeks after I give them to my wife on our wedding day. I would highly recommend your dolls to anyone else. Thanks from a happy customer Alex


laurenbeard161 2018


my god, i got this for my boyfriend as a silly little present as we love him in the film, and we both honestly treat it like our child. we love him so much and he makes me feel emotional because he is just so cute. thank you so much for making us so happy!!


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